About the school

The German Integration courses

We believe as a language school that everybody who wants to work and live in Germany, has to master the German language. Everything you need to know about Germany, its people, its history, its culture and its laws, can be studied in our courses. Every German Integration course consist out of a language course and an orientation course. The total amount of hours for the entire course is 700 hours. The language course contains 3 basic courses and 3 advanced courses. After a total of 600 hours, the German Integration course can be concluded with a “German test for immigrants” on a A2/B1 level. The orientation course lasts 100 hours and includes the topics politics, history and cultural diversity in Germany.

The school
Alpha Plus is an educational institution in Darmstadt and Dieburg, which offers Integration courses under different formats. It is the first educational institution, which has offered Integration courses continually since 2009 in the town of Dieburg and its communes. The central management goal of Alpha Plus is the support of migrants through language acquisition as well as social and cultural education.

Our Customers and Cooperation partners
The customers of Alpha Plus, which are all older then 17 years of age, receive support in the acquisition of the German language (oral and written) and during the Integration into the German society. Of prime importance are migrants, which have obtained a funding claim for courses at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. We visit the Integration conference Darmstadt/Dieburg and operate in the network of providers for Integration courses. Our solid cooperation partners are the Integration office of the administrative district Darmstadt-Dieburg, the migration service of the German Red Cross, the expert group “Sprache und Beruf” as well as the community college. The employment office sends to us migrants with special educational needs.


Our Qualities
We are professionally competent in language teaching as well as educational advising. We command over a broad didactical knowledge and a spectrum of methods as well as over a high interdisciplinary and intercultural expertise. We can support search directions in a new cultural surrounding flexible and with a lot of appreciation. Our personal skills are a sense of responsibility, a high degree of motivation and a high level of creativity.


Our Services
The central service offered by Alpha Plus is language teaching with the main aim of empowering its customers to the daily spoken and written communication in Germany as well as the empowering them to start work and do further education. Furthermore, we organize cultural offers such as exhibition and theatre visits, trips etc. We advise in problems of everyday life and visits to the German authorities and convey in special cases to the services of other educational institutions


Gelungenes Lernen
Successful learning means for us the extension of the linguistic, personal and social competence. Successful learning can be shown when the participant of a course starts to confidently and successfully communicate throughout their daily life in Germany and even start to increase their communication skills. Besides that has successful learning for Alpha Plus the aim to achieve an ability to work. The acquired language skills throughout the course should be practically remembered. Successful learning means that the learners can orientate themselves in the German society with a high degree of independence and security, so that they can become part of it. Our school believes in the fact that successful learning prevents Isolation and promotes Integration.

The visible verification of a successful learning process can be seen from a prosperous exam on the B1 level (requirement for a citizenship test).

The requirement for successful learning is the creation of an exciting and encouraging learning situation. Learning works out when the learning stimuli are in a good relationship to the individual opportunities, so that mental underload as well as mental overload do not occur. That is the reason why the exact categorisation of a learner as well as the flexible switching between the courses at Alpha Plus have such a high importance.