Important notes

⚠️ Important notes ⚠️

Summer Holidays: 05.08.2024 - 23.08.2024

Fall Holidays: 14.10.2024 - 18.10.2024

Christmas Holidays: 23.12.2024 - 10.01.2025

- An overview about all course starting dates can be found here

- We ask for your understanding that registrations for integration courses and language assessment tests are only possible with an appointment

- Please note that we have adjusted our prices for self-payers to the general prices for funded students.

- A current price list can be found here

- You can contact us by phone during office hours, otherwise by email or via this contact form

- Information for Ukrainian refugees: www.germany4uk

- Hygiene plan

- Our integration courses are currently offered face-to-face

- We currently do not offer B2, C1 or C2 courses

Integration courses

Integration courses

The "Alpha Plus" language school has been an integration course provider approved by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees since 2009 to conduct integration courses.

telc exams and "Living in Germany" test

G.A.S.T- exams and "Living in Germany" test

Language school "Alpha Plus" is an examination center for the tests "Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer" (DTZ) and "Leben in Deutschland".

Language skill assessment

Language skill assessment

If you register in person at the office of our language institute, we will conduct a language skill assessment test with you. Based on the test results, we will tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are and how you can achieve your learning goals as quickly as possible. After this detailed consultation, we recommend a specific course level. If you want to test yourself at a certain language level in advance, you can click here.




Owner: Olga Tabatschnikow
Kirchstr. 1
64283 Darmstadt

Phone: 06151 - 1304021
Email: alpha.plus@t-online.de

Current course offers for integration courses:

available courses:

A1.1 in the afternoon from September 04, 2024 from 13.00 p.m. to 17.00 p.m. (Mo-Fri) (available)

A1.1 in the morning from Oktober 10, 2024 from 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. (Mon-Fri) (available



A1.1 in the evening from June 24, 2024 from 6 p.m. to 9 p. m.              (mo, whed, thur.) ( limited available)

A2.2 in the morning from July 08, 2024 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.      (Mo-Fri.) (available)

A1.1 in the morning from September 02, 2024 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. (Mo-Fri) (available)

A1.1 in the evening from September 16, 2024 from 6 p.m to 9 p.m. (mo, whed, thur) (available)

A1.1 in the afternoon from September 30, 2024 from 13.30 p.m to 16.30 p.m. (Mo-Fri) (available)