If you need a visa for your language course in Germany,
  • Get first informed about the visa regulation at a German embassy/consulate in your country. Further information can be found under
  • Register yourself on time for your language course before the beginning of the course due to the processing of your visa application, which can take up to three months
  • If you have registered yourself at our school, you will receive a bill per email, mail or fax, which will indicate our banking details and the payment term for the course fee
  • Afterwards please transfer us the course fee at the given payment term
  • After we have received your course fee, we will send you immediately a participation confirmation and a payment conformation
  • ATTENTION PLEASE: The bill by itself won`t be enough for your visa application. You will need a registration confirmation and a payment confirmation for that. Both can be exhibited after the course fee was paid.

In case you have not received your visa, please send us a written termination and a copy of the rejection notice from the embassy/consulate, two weeks before the beginning of the course. If we have received the written termination and the rejection notice, we can pay you back your course fee (minus the bank fees and a service charge of 40 EUR).


If you do not require a visa for Germany,
  • Please register for the desired course three to four weeks before the start of the course
  • After receiving our bill, please transfer the amount indicated to our banking account
  • When we have received your payment, we will send you a reservation confirmation per email, mail or fax.Top of Form

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